A Choice to Rejoice

A couple of years ago, I had to disabuse the ginormous Facebook SWI groups of their belief that that -s in besides and perhaps was marking a plural in words like besides, towards, afterwards, or perhaps after no one bothered to stop and figure out that there is no such thing as one *perhap.

Is there a <-ce> suffix in English?

Is rejoice built from <re + joy + ce>?

Is there a suffix in once, twice, thrice, since, hence, or choice? Are there coherent word sums for those words?

Let's consider.

Recently, some stingy teacher who charges people for her own online classes suggested that I was preventing teachers from studying linguistics with a $6/month paywall, although she charges for her own online classes with nowhere near the expertise and understanding I offer you. She felt that because she bleats her orthographic musings into the void of ginormous Facebook groups, I should offer all of my understandings for free. I am the Ivory Tower, with my $6/month demands, that stands between teachers and a linguistic understanding.

To be clear: these posts are not equivalent to people guessing on Facebook, and I didn't pay for two graduate degrees and multiple international study trips just to bleed my orthographic heart out for evermore for free. I have always given a lot away and will continue to, but this blog has paid for a quarter of my kid's annual college tuition for two years now, and I won't aplogize for that! I am proud of that. Moreover, I am self-employed full time, not a public school teacher with a hobby.

To be clear, I will continue to offer my evidenced understanding with clarity and humor – behind a paywall. Anyone for whom $6 a month is a dealbreaker probaby has bigger problems than spelling. By all means, make the choice not to pay! And with that comes the choice not to access what I can offer like no one else.

So this paywall's dedicated to Susie Pickett, and it's worth every pence:

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