Isn't that an interesting error? The words don't sound alike at all, but they kind of do look alike: they both have three letters, two of which are the same, in the same positions.


Just as I was sitting down to write about my last couple of visits with Poppy on Wednesday evening, I got a text from my local teacher friend with what she thought was bad news. "I loved using the Latin Palatals posters today, but noticed a typo...righteous is missing the <t>."

Gah! First they were bundled wrong, and now this. It's 100% my fault; I okayed the proofs. I can see now how I made the error: I had spell-check the file, but inadvertently sent the wrong version of the PDF. I did the same thing for the Latin Palatals Study Deck. Dang. It. Anyone who reads this blog knows that typos happen in my writing, a hazard of typing too fast, I've been told.  

If I were a big publishing house, I could just reprint the posters, but the new materials have already taken forever to get back from the printer, which is under new management since my old printers retired last year. A reprint would mean further delays and expenses, and waste. I do try to be a good steward of materials; it's why I don't ship in plastic packaging like Amazon does. Fortunately, I have not shipped any of the posters yet, because I am still waiting on the other new items so I can ship the orders intact.

"Well," I texted back to my friend, "I'm not going to replace them. I'm not going to pay to print them again. Maybe I can figure something out."

I was disappointed, but I wasn't all that upset. It's just a typo, not a conceptual error.  Sure, it chafes at my perfectionism, and I'm not thrilled to have another job to take care of, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. It's definitely not the biggest job I have in front of me.

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