Lighting the Way

This particular mistaken teacher is not the first person to be mistaken about these words, but here she is, passing her mistake along unchecked to her kiddos.

Recently, I posted on Facebook about the fact that there are two different words spelled <indent>. One means to press inward, and the other means to have a 'toothed' appearance.

I said, "When we simply show one indent and one indentation, and not both of them, when we fail to differentiate different forms, we miss an opportunity to equip our students with a critical understanding that extends far beyond mere orthography: Just because one thing looks like another thing on the surface doesn't mean they're the same."

Today, I saw a bulletin board a teacher made for her classroom for the new school year. She had decorated it with lightbulbs and a study of the word light. The bulletin board asks the question, "What does this word mean?" and provides some answers. It says that light is a noun that means 'brightness,' a verb that means 'to produce light,' and an adjective meaning 'not weighing a lot.'


Here's why that's a problem:

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