Pop-Ups are classes offered free to paid Shameless Spelling subscribers, pretty much monthly, on a variety of subjects.

Popping Back Up

It's the third anniversary of Shameless Spelling, and I'm celebrating with three new Pop-Up classes for the spring. The proposed Pop-Up topics are based on conversations with clients and students over the past several months. Here are the classes for

Spring is Popping Up All Over

Happy spring equinox. It rained and snowed here today, winter's last hurrah. But the daylight is lasting longer, midterms have come and gone, and spring is upon us! Along with the crocuses and snowdrops, some new Pop-Up classes are making their entry

A Compounding Pop-Up

If you and yours are wondering why you haven't heard from me in this space, it's because I was unable to post all month due to a technical glitch. The host site had put out an upgrade, but I had

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