Popping Back Up

It's the third anniversary of Shameless Spelling, and I'm celebrating with three new Pop-Up classes for the spring.

The proposed Pop-Up topics are based on conversations with clients and students over the past several months. Here are the classes for the season:

April: A Slice of PIE ~ Strategies for studying, understanding, and making use of PIE entries in Etymonline, along with a look at additional online PIE resources.

May: Earth, Wind, and Fire ~ A study of cognates and non-cognates from the natural world.

June: Orthographic Phonology ~ The basics of how to understand, analyze, and identify phonemes through an orthographic understanding instead of through pronunciation. [This class is now full.]

The dates and times are below. Please sign up by commenting, not in email. To sign up, make sure you click on the post and indicate your interest in the comments, using Disqus or one of the other online profiles. I need to confirm your participation by recognizing your comment, so if you don't see that, flag me down.

You are welcome to request all 3 classes, but indicate your order of preference, because there may not be room for all who are interested.

Happy to be Popping Up for more study!

Terms and conditions apply.